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Photo Submissions | VeveAndK - Baby, Family, Kids

Submit Your Photo Review Below

Reviews are probably one of the most important things to any business but particularly a small owned business. It allows me to know if I am doing my job well or where I might need to improve. So please, use the form on the right to share your thoughts and experience shopping with Veve & K.

There is nothing more gratifying for an artist than to see their creations being used. A photo in use is an extremely welcome and joyful moment for me. If you do send a photo, Veve & K will email you a coupon for 25% Off with Free Shipping for your next purchase.

Please make sure to let me know if you will be willing to give permission for your reviews and photos to be used throughout our website and social media platforms, or our blog. Veve & K will never share any of your personal information with the exception of your first name, your review and photo if submitted.

I truly appreciate the time you take to make us a better place to shop at!