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Ma TWINSIE – Personalized Kids Portrait Pillow


Watch your child’s heart and imagination soar when they see their very own Ma TWINSIE look alike pillow!
These custom kids pillows feature a cartoon caricature of your little growing bundle of joy paired
with some of their favorite things detailed on the backside.

Current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

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Upload Your Child Photo/s

Here you can send me a photo of your child, and a flatlay photo of an outfit of your choice for their pillow.
Flatlays are great for me to capture the details of their outfit better.

Name, Age, Interests *

Here you can enter your child’s name, age, interests for the backside of the pillow.

Theme for the Backside of Your pillow *

Here you can select the theme for the backside of your pillow.
If you choose custom we will happily design it for you (a small custom charge will apply).

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24 Hours Proof creation / 2 days production / USPS Priority Shipping

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Look alike pillows, also known as portrait pillows or caricature pillows, are a phenomenal way to encourage your little one to explore the big (sometimes scary) world with their very own fabric doppelgänger by their side.

Originally inspired by my own sons battle with nighttime fears, once he had his hands on his own cartoon pillow he would eagerly jump into bed ready for slumber land.

Expertly printed using baby safe inks, this fun and colorful cuddle pillow will offer your child hours of fun and cuddle time while also becoming a cherished childhood heirloom with time.

Sizes: 12″x10″ with zipper closure at the bottom

Materials: Soft-spun polyester blend / Poplin

BACK OF YOUR PILLOW: It will come personalized with your choice of theme and your child’s name, interests, favorite colors, theme and so much more.

The sky is the limit with these personalized illustration pillows, so if you have any questions
prior to ordering just Contact Me.

If you would like to continue to shop for more potential baby shower gifts, alternative birth announcements, or baby crib bedding you may return to our Baby Shop here.

P.S. Here is a little bit of HOW THE IDEA STARTED:

The cute and smiley cartoonish illustration for the Personalized Ma TWINSIE pillows was designed by me when my son was about 4 years of age. He had a hard time letting us go during bedtime and we really struggled to make him go to sleep by himself. I one day designed a fun and colorful illustration of him with his favorite pyjamas on. We were showing him the illustration that I printed on our home printer and were making up the story of the brave little boy who has the same favorite pajamas like him and has no fears sleeping by himself in his room. Our son was so excited about the story!
I recently came up with the cute idea to turn my smiley illustration that I once created for my son into a base for my Ma TWINSIE pillows that I am so excited to offer to you today. I love the idea of a fun illustration of your child with their favorite outfit, hairstyle and personality!
After months of tweaking and adding to the design I am so excited they are finally live…
Thank you for trusting me to create a special one of a kind keepsake for your little one one personalized small pillow at a time!

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